Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor at as a Word document, in A4 format. Text, including titles, subheadings, abstracts, captions, tables, and references cited, should be single-spaced, Times New Roman Normal, font size 12. Scientific names of genera and species should be in italics. Upper case letters for the vernacular names of organisms (example: Common Wood Pigeon). No capital letter for vernacular collectives (buntings, violets). Tables and figures, as well as their captions, can be inserted, or provided separately. All illustrations and tables must be referred to in the text. Two levels of titles may be used in the body of the text, but without numbering.

Authors are entirely free in their taxonomic and nomenclatural choices. If, however, these choices have an impact on the understanding or interpretation of the text, they should be explicitly specified.

Contributions can be in French or English. In all cases, summaries and keyword lists in these two languages should be included. Summaries in other languages may be added if they are likely to contribute to the impact of the publication in the regions which are the subject of the work. In this case, responsibility for the formulation of the summary lies with the authors.

References are noted in text in the form (Smith, 2025) or Smith (2025), (Smith & Jones, 2028) or Smith & Jones (2028), (Smith et al., 2029) or Smith et al. (2029), and in the list of references cited, as Doe, H., Smith, L.,… & Jones, B. 2030. Title. Journal 20: 19-64. Refer to the most recent issues of Les Naturalistes belges for further examples.